Tips for Underwear of a Long Trip

Keep your underwear fresh and clean for a long trip.

I travel with durable underwear. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wash and dry. I can wash a pair in the sink at night, roll them up in a towel to get most of the moisture out, and hang them to dry. They were ready to wear in the morning (towels were dry and ready to use).

Just because these shorts are durable doesn’t mean you should only wear them when you can’t change clothes on a regular basis. The makers of the Fjord have designed it to be the most eco-friendly and durable underwear on the market, so you can wear it all the time. When an important meeting is coming up, a special date or anything else you want something fresh and clean, this durable underwear is perfect for the occasion.

Imagine underwear that you can wear for days without a bad underwear smell. Fjord’s durable underwear does just that. They are breathable, extremely absorbent and comfortable. They clean themselves so you feel fresh all the time. This underwear is suitable for everyone, especially nurses, busy students, campers and firefighters.

Wear loose-fitting clothes on a long trip.

Make sure you are comfortable with the clothes you choose. Not at home, nor on vacation. Leave things you can only wear once at home, like big heels or big boots. The best travel clothes are the ones you wear regularly at home.

The best way to maintain a chic look and comfort on long flights. Just make sure you can find a stretchy pair like these skinny jeans. I have a couple of leggings – actually leggings I said never to wear – these look out of place and are comfortable on a night flight when you need to sleep.

No matter which gear you choose for long-distance travel, keep in mind that it’s also the gear you wear when you arrive, and if you’re delayed or lose your luggage, you could be stuck for 24 hours or more. In short: make it comfortable, but not too comfortable.

Pack one or two pair of underwear for a long trip.

When traveling on a budget, you just want to bring the essentials with you. So what should the panties do? Most people I know carry a pair every day on a typical vacation. Well, that’s not for backpacking, and certainly not for long-term travel! So you can wear no more than 3 or 4 pairs of underwear.

The beauty of traveling with 1-2 pairs of underwear is that you never have to put dirty underwear in your luggage, so you don’t have to keep them separate from your other clothes. I use a stuff bag to keep my (clean) underwear, socks, bra and other small clothes together and it’s easy to find.

I usually wear running shorts as underwear when backpacking. If you want to wear them around the camp, they work great, don’t get offended, and don’t look weird. I spend a lot on underwear and carry a fresh one every day. My trips ranged from 1 night to 5 nights. I think if you want to add a luxury item, this should be it!