Different Types of Advertisements Seen in the Airports

These advertisement can be seen in the airport, or even on the plane:

Billboard advertising.

Reach local audiences with these in-vehicle visible billboards, ideal for new product/service launches. Marketers use posters to achieve advertising goals and increase brand awareness by placing multiple units in strategic locations while reducing cost per thousand impressions. This is a standardized poster format measuring 12’3″ x 24’6″; officially known as 30 posters.

Billboard advertisements use large fonts. The message must be read and understood within seconds. As a result, advertisers often insert images that evoke emotions. The purpose of billboard advertising is to market a company, brand, product, service, special event or event.

Neon advertising.

Neon displays have been used in advertising by brands big and small for a long time. Neon signs look very attractive and are the most cost-effective compared to other types of advertising signs. A neon sign in front of the showroom or on the roof will always introduce your products to passersby and help attract potential customers to turn your business into words. This works for a long time, unlike ordinary lights that usually stop working after a few days of advertising. This looks very professional due to its bright and curved lettering or logo decoration, this professional brand presentation will only distract the average person from being your client. At Skan Ads, we can source better quality tubes and lamps from our customers at competitive prices for long lasting neon signs.

Neon Spectacles Large advertising structures of various sizes are generally located at the heights of high-rise buildings, commercial areas or main roads. While they are used to “brand” products, they are often used to identify businesses or buildings.

Wall advertising.

Wall advertisements in the mall are part of the interior design of the mall to create a shopping environment. When people come here, it has a psychological effect on people’s minds, making them shop, resulting in huge buyer traffic. New store openings or discounted sales or clearance sales can attract the attention of more potential mall customers who come to shop here. When people walk around the mall and see this ad, it allows them to see and feel the brand that is written on it, creating the ultimate in brand building.

Video walls consist of multiple flat panel displays that display one image across the entire display or several different images as needed. The advantages of video walls compared to other large murals or billboards make this type of advertising an excellent choice for most businesses. Using traditional billboards, posters, paintings, and signs, you can limit yourself to just one image.

Airline advertising

Airline advertising is essentially promotional material used inside an aircraft to grab the attention of passengers sitting on the plane. The audience here is stuck, motionless, stuck on a plane to reach their destination.