What are the Benefits given to Alaska and Horizon Employees

Alaska Airlines goes beyond being a mere corporation; it is a people-oriented organization that treats each individual as part of a familial network. Collaboratively, the personnel at Alaska and Horizon Air contribute to cultivating an exceptional work environment. As an Alaska employee, you become a member of our extended family, thus gaining access to special privileges. The company’s prosperity hinges on operational excellence, which in turn thrives when our employees experience contentment and fulfillment.


Health and Wellness Benefits

Health and well-being are paramount in our approach. Alaska employees and their families receive lifelong health insurance coverage. Medical services are extended to them at no charge. Furthermore, paid leave and medical/family travel provisions are part of the package. We offer targeted programs to enhance emotional and mental well-being, along with rigorous guidelines to safeguard our employees’ holistic welfare.

Financial & Travel Benefits

The company acknowledges its employees’ financial and travel requirements. A competitive monthly salary is assured for Alaska employees. In addition, they enjoy annual and quarterly bonuses. Our employees can avail themselves of discounted travel packages to various global destinations, and we also provide complimentary airfare for vacations to premium locations. Membership in the employee stock plan and Alaska Air Group Credit Union is included.

Professional Privileges

Professional advancement is a key focus. We facilitate participation in Ascend programs, enabling seamless transitions from Horizon to Alaska. Numerous initiatives are designed to foster employee growth and skill enhancement, featuring leadership development and skill refinement sessions. Scholarships are extended to family members pursuing higher education.

Additional Benefits by Alaska

Alaska Airlines goes beyond standard benefits. Regular employee recognition programs bolster skills and competence. Company-organized events and celebrations contribute to a vibrant atmosphere. Complimentary tickets to music festivals and concerts are provided, along with involvement in community outreach events. Employees receive invitations to retirement and company gatherings, while festivals are embraced with zeal within the company.

In conclusion, pursuing a career at Alaska Airlines equates to seizing a promising opportunity. Explore the latest job openings on our website. Should you have any inquiries or concerns, please share them in the comments section; we are committed to addressing all matters within 24-48 working hours.