10 Gifts to Send to a Girlfriend at a Long Distance

Sharing gifts with a loved one who lives far away can be enjoyable for both parties. It’s a great way to let your girlfriend know you love her and miss her. Additionally, sending a gift lets her know how important she is to you. Choosing what to send is tough; however, there are several thoughtful gifts that can make a long distance relationship more romantic.

First, send a girlfriend who lives far away a teddy bear or other plush toy. She will appreciate the gesture and know that you miss her. She will also feel reassured that you’re thinking of her. You can also send a box of chocolates or other sweets to sweeten your message further. Additionally, include a handwritten note expressing your feelings and wishing her a happy birthday or other message. She will love receiving these tokens of your affectionate regard.

Next, consider sending your girlfriend something she can use every day- but something she won’t find on her own. A great choice is a desk calendar or address book with your address and phone number inside. This ensures she knows where you are at all times without distracting her with unwanted visits. You could also include an address book with her name and phone number in it so she can easily reach out whenever she needs to. Alternatively, include some stationery so she can write you letters whenever she likes! This will make sure she never forgets about you and that she gets to tell you how much she misses you on a daily basis.

Finally, consider sending your girlfriend something fun to enjoy together every week. A good option is movie tickets or other activities that let her spend time with you without putting any effort into it. Alternatively, include some food or drink so she can cook a meal for both of you and have something fun to do together every week. A picnic in a park would be ideal for this; however, if that’s not an option for your area, simply sitting down together would work as well. Your girlfriend will love being able to spend time with you without worrying about the logistics- so give her what she needs!

A girlfriend who lives far away will feel loved and cared for with thoughtful gifts like the ones outlined above. Plus, sending these gifts will help keep the romance alive between both of you no matter how busy life gets. The next time your girlfriend tells you how busy she is, send her one of these 10 gifts that remind her of everything she means to you!