5 Tips if you are Travelling With A Baby

With an infant, the last thing you want to do is forget something necessary when travelling. As such, here are five things you should definitely bring with you if you’re flying with an infant in tow – and why they’re important to have with you.

1) Wipes
Wipes are an absolute essential for any parent travelling with a baby. You can never have too many wipes, which is why it’s best to bring as many as possible and store them in the front pocket of your diaper bag. I recommend bringing one or two travel-sized packets of wipes, as well as packing a few extras for when we inevitably run out on our trip.

2) A breast pump
Many families will find that they need to bring a breast pump to the airport. This is particularly true for families who want to breastfeed after landing. However, it can be challenging to get through security when bringing a breast pump, let alone finding storage space on the plane. If it is made of glass, please wrap it nicely.

3) A stroller
A stroller is a must-have item to bring with you. Your baby will need it during your travel and at the airport, so be sure to bring one that folds up and is easy to carry.

4) An extra set of clothes
Pack an extra set of clothes for yourself and your baby, just in case the airline loses your luggage. There is no need to pack too much as you can always buy what you need once on the ground.

5) Lots of toys and entertainment
You can bring a toy, but it must be in a clear bag that is no larger than six by nine inches. This is so the TSA agent can easily see what’s inside the bag. And since babies love to chew on things, you might want to pack a couple of teething rings or other small toys they can munch on while going through security.

For a baby, the most important thing is to have a parent or guardian with them. The next most important item to bring would be diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes in case of an accident.