Furniture Used in the Airport

Airports are the hubs of many cities and towns. They’re also a major transport system for people and goods. These hubs are busy places, so airports need to be efficient to function well. They also need to be comfortable for travelers and easy for airlines to manage. Maintaining an airport is a challenge, but it’s … Read more

10 Gifts to Send to a Girlfriend at a Long Distance

Sharing gifts with a loved one who lives far away can be enjoyable for both parties. It’s a great way to let your girlfriend know you love her and miss her. Additionally, sending a gift lets her know how important she is to you. Choosing what to send is tough; however, there are several thoughtful … Read more

Tips for Underwear of a Long Trip

Keep your underwear fresh and clean for a long trip. I travel with durable underwear. They are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wash and dry. I can wash a pair in the sink at night, roll them up in a towel to get most of the moisture out, and hang them to dry. They were … Read more

Can Airport be Built with Solid Wood?

Airlines transport people and goods between different countries and cities. When landing, they need a safe and secure environment to land their aircraft. Most airports are made of concrete, which is very noisy and produces lots of harmful emissions. Some airports use solid wood as a building material instead of concrete. These airports have many … Read more

Different Types of Advertisements Seen in the Airports

These advertisement can be seen in the airport, or even on the plane: Billboard advertising. Reach local audiences with these in-vehicle visible billboards, ideal for new product/service launches. Marketers use posters to achieve advertising goals and increase brand awareness by placing multiple units in strategic locations while reducing cost per thousand impressions. This is a … Read more

5 Types of Apps for Frequent Visitors

If you travel a lot, I am sure you will love the list of apps below: 1. Timer Apps It may sound strange to need a timer, but you will definitely need it. You need a timer to wake up during a transmit after the 1st flight, especially at night. You need a timer as … Read more

5 Tips if you are Travelling With A Baby

With an infant, the last thing you want to do is forget something necessary when travelling. As such, here are five things you should definitely bring with you if you’re flying with an infant in tow – and why they’re important to have with you. 1) WipesWipes are an absolute essential for any parent travelling … Read more

5 Activities to do before your Flight

There are so much things you can do before your flight. Here we list out the 5 most-do for you. 1. Check if Every Document is ready It is the last time you can make sure the trip is smooth and without any problem. Check your passport, important documents, and make sure enough currency is … Read more

Apply for Software & Technology Jobs – Alaskas Airlines Careers

The realm of Software and Technology is an ever-evolving landscape, where the pace of growth is relentless. Every enterprise today hinges on top-tier software solutions to drive its operations. Notably, Alaska Airlines stands out with its unparalleled software infrastructure, meticulously managed by a seasoned team of experts. The company takes pride in its handpicked software … Read more