5 Types of Apps for Frequent Visitors

If you travel a lot, I am sure you will love the list of apps below:

1. Timer Apps

It may sound strange to need a timer, but you will definitely need it. You need a timer to wake up during a transmit after the 1st flight, especially at night. You need a timer as well during exercises (there are lots of exercises you can do in the plane).

2. Cloud Apps

There are so many cloud app (Google, Dropbox, etc.), pick the one best for you. You will need them to store important document (for example, the backup copy of your passport and entry permit)

3. Hotel Apps

You may think that you have already booked a hotel before your flight, and you don’t need any hotel App anymore. However, it is not the case. There may be flight delay, that you cannot goto the hotel on time. It is a must to have a backup in case you need a place to stay for a night.

4. Apps for Cars

Some people rely on taxi or public transport. However, there will be some places where you have to wait for a long time for a taxi. There may be also possible that you miss the last bus. Therefore, an app for cars (no matter it is car rental, or hire a driver) is important.

5. Social Media

You know why, don’t you? Share every details to others, and get connected to friends, is important to be happy, especially before and after a long long flight.