5 Activities to do before your Flight

There are so much things you can do before your flight. Here we list out the 5 most-do for you.

1. Check if Every Document is ready

It is the last time you can make sure the trip is smooth and without any problem. Check your passport, important documents, and make sure enough currency is ready as well. If you have the document online or in the cloud (e.g. Some people will put online ticket in google document, some people will store photos of backup identity document in the cloud), it is suggested to download or capture the screenshot in your phone beforehand.

2. To be Exhausted

During the flight, you won’t be able to do anything else, most of the time you will be sitting. If the flight duration is long, it is suggested to do something to get exhausted before the flight. It is good for blood circulation and you will feel better in a long flight. If computers are available in the airport, use them, if no, playing mobile game is a good choice too.

3. Take photo in the social media

Take a photo and share to your friends that you are leaving, it is a must-do, and you will receive lots of likes very quickly.

4. Take a look of the scenery

Airport is always far from city center, there are always lots of good scenery to look a look. Go around and see what you can see.

5. Check the flight schedule

Confirm there is no delay, and know what is the take-off time, is very important, because it will make yourselves ready when the plane lands.